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Hear what some of the top athletes in the world have to say about Todd Norman and Cutting Edge Sports Training!


"Training with Todd at Cutting Edge Sports Training has improved every aspect of my game.  My strength, balance, conditioning, and quickness on the court is the best it's ever been. Most of all, I have regained the confidence in my health and fitness, which has developed the foundation for one of the best seasons in my professional career."


- Lindsay Davenport 

- 3-Time Grand Slam Singles Champion

- Ranked World #1 2004-2005


“Todd's training methods have enhanced my on-ice performance by increasing my balance, strength, speed, conditioning, and explosive power.  He continually challenges me with new and innovative exercises that allow me to maximize my abilities.  Along with his knowledge and passion for training athletes, his work ethic and professionalism are second to none.”​

- Paul Kariya - NHL All-Star


"I have been a professional fighter for many years, and have trained with numerous trainers to get me to the highest level of conditioning. Without a doubt, Todd Norman is the best trainer I have ever worked with.  He brought out a level of performance, athleticism, and conditioning in me that I had never realized was possible, and it was a tremendous help to me when fighting tough battles in the UFC."​

- Wanderlei Silva - UFC Legend


"I've trained with Todd Norman at Cutting Edge Sports Training for several years and his training methods greatly enhanced my athleteic career. Under his direction, I have maximized my foot speed, balance, core strength, and overall physical conditioning.  Without a doubt, training with Todd has substantially contributed to my collegiate and professional success as an NFL Quarterback.  I highly recommend his training system to any athlete or team looking to train smart, maximize athletic performance, and gain an edge on the competition."


- Mark Sanchez - QB, USC, NFL


“Training with Todd Norman has improved my strength, quickness, and overall athletic ability, all of which has helped me excel as a professional baseball player.”​


- Skip Schumaker - MLB 

- 2x World Series Champion


“Cutting Edge Sports Training took my game to a whole new level.  I now have the size, strength, speed, and power I need to compete for a job in the NBA.  The workouts are so intense that I have learned to push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of.  Todd taught me how to work hard, but also work smart.  His organization and constant program revisions keep my training and development on a continual progression.”​


- Eric Chenowith

- Professional Basketball Player


"Preparing for my UFC fights with Todd Norman has been one of the most integral components of my training camps.  He knows how to get me to where I need to be before I step into the cage.  Physically and mentally, Todd always gets me to my best.”​


- Mark Munoz

- UFC Middleweight Contender


"Working out with Todd in the off-season has greatly enhanced my strength, speed, agiilty, power, and conditioning.  The training is individualized to my specific needs, and has been a critical factor in my preparation for the long NHL season.”​


- Nikita Kucherov

- NHL All-Star


"Gymnastics requires many unique physical abilities in order to maximize performance and stay injury free.  Working with Todd has helped reduce my injuries because he knows how to modify training accordingly when needed.  He has also helped me improve my strength and power which has enabled me to achieve higher jump times on the trampoline."​

- Logan Dooley

- Team USA Olympic Gymnast

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