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Glenn Norman #21 Tribute Page

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This page is a tribute to my brother Glenn Curtis Norman, who passed away at the age of 15 years old on November 21, 1984.  I was 13 years old at the time, and we were on our way to a ski trip in Mammoth, Ca.  We drove through the night, but in the early morning sunrise the driver fell asleep behind the wheel and crashed off Highway 395 in the middle of nowhere.  We rolled off the highway down an embankment, Glenn was ejected from the front seat of the car and was later found deceased far from where the car finally landed.  It was a tragic situation, one moment we were headed for the ski trip of our dreams, next thing I knew my older brother Glenn, my hero, and best friend, was killed in a flash.

Glenn was an amazing football and soccer player, an incredible musician who played the trumpet, a great student, and was loved and adored by many friends.  He was a sophomore at El Toro High School, and wore the number 21 after one of his favorite Los Angeles Rams players Nolan Cromwell, who played hard, hit hard, and was tough as nails.  Glenn was smart, athletic, fast, and had an infectious personality.

Since there was no internet back then, there is no record anywhere I can find on google that Glenn ever existed.  So I wanted to create this page in his honor, so that when his name is searched Glenn Norman will come up, and this page will show who he was.

I don't have a lot of pictures of Glenn, we didn't have cell phones and camera phones back then, but this page has some of the photos I do have that are my only memories of him.

Glenn Norman Sophmore Football 1984.JPG
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Glenn Norman, 7/3/1969 - 11/21/1984

Nolan Cromwell, LA Rams

Life is Precious, Don't Take a Day For Granted...

One of the other reasons I chose to make this page is to help remind people of how precious life is, and how quickly things can change.  We get caught up being busy and often times complaining about the things we don't have or can't afford, but at the end of the day our lives are not guaranteed for any amount of time, so we must make the most of every day like could be our last.


ETHS Sophmore Football 1984.JPG

El Toro High Football, 1984

The Number 21

Glenn last wore the number 21 his sophomore football season at El Toro High School just before he died.  He also died on the 21st of November.  This has always struck me as strange, but after he died the number 21 has become my lucky number, it's the number that makes me think of Glenn, it's the number that makes me want to work hard, overcome adversity, and never take a day of my life for granted. 

For many years I have wanted to find a way to honor my brother's memory within my business.  2021 marks 37 years since his passing, and in the process of re-designing my logo, I decided to put his number 21 in the logo, so that everyone who wears my Cutting Edge branded t-shirts and apparel, will be wearing my brothers number.  People will ask me what the 21 stands for, and that's what I want, so I will get more opportunities to tell people that I had a brother named Glenn Norman, who was an amazing person, and who died tragically and suddenly in a horrible car accident.  My hope is that in keeping my brother's memory alive, I can also continue to give people some perspective on life and maybe help them realize how lucky we are to be alive.  My brother's life was cut short at 15yo, he didn't get to live the life I have, he didn't get to travel the world like I have, he didn't get to be a parent and raise a child like I have.  So I will always honor him, remember him, talk about him, and make sure he is Never Forgotten!

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