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Online Nutrition



Stop settling for something less than you deserve. As the saying goes, “seeing is believing.” I will help you believe that you can look and feel better than you ever thought, fit into the clothes you’ve always wanted, and have great energy when you incorporate the right nutrition plan into your training.




Are you confused by the constant changes in nutrition because of all the “fad” diets that are out there?  Think they work? You’re not alone. I will teach you how to eat for your specific goals, body type, workout schedule, and put you on a program that works just for you. Less stress, more clarity, and less wasted money on ineffective methods.




I have the knowledge and resources to help you.  It’s my job to take learn about your goals, needs, challenges, and help create “real life” solutions.  It doesn’t have to be overly complicated either.  You provide the details and I’ll create the plan and keep you on track.




It’s time to start thinking about the long run, not just a quick turn-around that won’t last. You need to learn the right habits to incorporate, the right foods to eat, and the most important foods to try and avoid. Big things can and will happen if you commit, but perfection is not realistic.  I will teach you how to eat well and have some fun along the way.  Too much restriction most often leads to failure. 



Coach Norman offers online coaching through one of the most advanced nutrition programs available.  All clients get exclusive access to Coach Norman's private nutrition coaching portal to access meal plans, record food logs, track progress, and much more.


Meal planning is one of the most important aspects of achieving good nutrition.  You need to know what to eat, when to eat it, and how much of it to eat!  This can be done using Todd's easy to learn portion control charts, or Todd can provide you with a detailed 7 Day meal plan with the ability to track your meals and make modifications on your smart phone.


In order to be good at nutrition, you need to learn about it.  So, Todd provides you with his exclusive "Sports Nutrition Handbook" to make sure you understand the various components of good eating, supplementation, and the reason we recommend athletes eat certain ways to maximize their performance.  You will have this guide as a helpful reminder as you encounter various situations throughout your athletic career.


Coach Norman will keep you accountable by making sure you are on a plan that works for you.  He will help make changes as needed, develop solutions to common obstacles that get in your way, and monitor your adherence and progress.


"Get Me Started"

Monthly On-Line Program and Subscription:
  • 4 Week Subscription to Online Nutrition Management System

  • On-Line Assessment

  • 7-Day Meal Plan

  • Shopping List

  • Recipe Instructions

  • Todd Norman's Sports Nutrition Handbook

  • On-Line Follow Up

  • $149/mo

"3 Month Makeover"

3 Month On-Line Program and Subscription:

  • 12 Week Subscription to Online Nutrition Management System

  • On-Line Assessment

  • 7-Day Meal Plan

  • Shopping List

  • Recipe Instructions

  • 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge Guide

  • Todd Norman's Sports Nutrition Handbook

  • On-Line Follow Up

  • $439 Total

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